Things a Good Garden Designer Should Do

You want to become the best garden designer in the market. You have undergone formal training, and all you now need to do is to use your creativity to develop the best gardens in the neighbourhood. To stand out from the competition, below are a few things you should do;

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Create an enjoyable living space

The reason why a majority of people seek professional garden design services is that they want to convert their existing homes to dream homes, or they want to increase their resale value. Whether you are creating a garden in the empty backyard, or you are designing an indoor mini-garden, creating an enjoyable living space for your client should be a top-priority.

Do not overdo the garden by planting lots of plants, but instead, strike a perfect balance between space and elegance. If your client wants to have an outdoor kitchen, BBQ pool, patio, or dining area, see what you can do when designing the garden to convert the place from ordinary to extraordinary. Simply put, let the client see the value of hiring you by allowing him/her enjoy the living space you have created to the maximum.

Give a wide berth

As a good garden designer, do not come up with narrow and squeezed up spaces. Clients don’t certainly love it when they feel discomfort in their vicinity. It is, therefore, your job to develop wide pathways that will offer them with comfy passages. Ensure the primary paths are large enough to accommodate two people. They should have a minimum width of 5 feet. For the smaller paths that accommodate one person at a time, keep them to a minimum of 3 feet. 

Consider planting plants that don’t grow tall, or encourage your client to subscribe to maintenance service. This is because as the plants grow taller along the walkway boundaries, they restrict space, and this can be highly inconveniencing.

Advice on suitable plants for a garden

One challenge that most homeowners face is deciding what plants to plant in their gardens and when. As a professional garden designer, you should be able to advise your clients on plants that are suitable for their gardens. The main benefit that comes with a garden is the fact that it enhances the looks of an outdoor or indoor space, therefore, advice clients on plants that will convert their homes into adorable pieces of art. Also, advise them on plants that are hassle-free regarding maintenance.

You should, therefore have broad knowledge about the climatic conditions in different zones where your clients are situated and know how to use a planting calendar.

Choosing to be a garden designer is doubtlessly the best decision you can make if you have the passion. You will help many achieve the gardens that are easy to navigate, relaxing, easy to maintain, and above all, you will help them significantly increase the value of their properties. Follow the advice in this article, and you will always shine your way ahead of the competition.